▪ High conversion efficiency results in excellent power output performance

▪ Excellent power output even in low light or high temperature conditions

▪ Optimized design for easy soldering and layering

▪ Long-term stability and reliable performance

▪ Low breakage rate

▪ Uniform colors

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    Free local delivery
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    25-year power supply warranty
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    Lifetime Customer Support
Certifications and Standards
182mm monocrystalline solar cell
182mm monocrystalline solar cell
182mm monocrystalline solar cell
design attributes
dimension182mm x 182mm ± 0 5Φ247mm
Thickness (Si)190pm ± 20pm
FrontAnisotropic Textured Surface and Dark Silicon Nitride AR Coating
10 busbars with a spacing of 17.3mm
backFull surface aluminum back surface field
1.8mm (Silver I Aluminum) Discontinuous Solder Pad
IV curve
Electrical performance
efficiency coding232231230229228227226225224223222221
Efficiency Eff(%)
Power Ppm(W)7.667.637.597.567.537.57.467.437.47.367.337.30
Maximum supply current lpm(A)12.8112.7812.7312.7112.6812.64712.60412.57012.53512.50012.46512.430
Short circuit current Isc(A)13.58413.57713.5013.41613.34613.26613.22613.18713.14713.10813.06813.028
Maximum supply voltage Vpm(V)0.5980.5970.5960.5950.5940.5930.5920.5910.590.5890.5880.587
Open circuit voltage Voc(V)0.6940.6930.6920.6910.690.6890.6880.6870.6860.6850.6840.587 0.683
efficiency coding220219218217216
Efficiency Eff(%)22.0021.9021.8021.7021.60
Power Ppm(W)5.545.525.495.475.44
Maximum supply current lpm(A)9.6579.6489.6299.6189.603
Short circuit current Isc(A)10.21510.20210.18210.17110.147
Maximum supply voltage Vpm(V)0.5720.5720.5710.5690.567
Open circuit voltage Voc(V)0.6680.6670.6670.6660.665
Electrical performance parameters
LSC temperature coefficient α (%/K)+0.07
VOC temperature coefficient β(%/K°)-0.36
Pmax temperature coefficient v (%/K°)-0.38

Nominal test conditions for IV parameters are standard test conditions (irradiance 10.0 Wm7, AM 15, cell temperature 25'°C) All measurements are guaranteed at laminate leads. NOCT measures wind speed at 800 W/m², 20C ambient temperature, and 1 m/s. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

JS Solar reserves the right of final interpretation and revision of this data sheet.

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