▪ 144 half cells (157mm-5BB) connected in series

▪ 0~3% positive power tolerance improves system performance

▪ Industry-leading module efficiency: the highest efficiency is 17.9%

▪ Tested up to 5400Pa maximum load resistance

▪ Proven resistance to PID effects

▪ Progressive power warranty guarantees 80.7% of rated power for 25 years

▪ Manufactured globally with world-class quality standards

▪ Strict salt spray and ammonia corrosion test by TUV SuD.

  • Free local delivery
    Free local delivery
  • 25-year power supply warranty
    25-year power supply warranty
  • Lifetime Customer Support
    Lifetime Customer Support
Certifications and Standards
157mm 360w monocrystalline solar panel certifications and standards
157mm 360w monocrystalline solar panel
157mm 360w monocrystalline solar panel
design attributes
Glass3.2mm low iron tempered glass
Junction BoxIP≥67
OutputPortrait: N350mm/P350mm
ConnectorMC4 compatible
Package26 pcs/ pallet, 616 pcs/ container (HQ)
IV curve
157mm 360w monocrystalline solar panel IV curve
Electrical performance
Electrical Performance@STCJS340PJS345PJS350PJS355PJS360P
Maximum power Pmax[ Wp]340345350355360
Maximum supply voltage Vmpp(V)38.6038.8539.239.439.6
maximum. Supply current lmpp(A)8.818.888.939.029.10
Open circuit voltage Voc(V)46.246.446.646.847.0
Short circuit current lsc(A)9.419.509.529.609.68
Module efficiency (%)16.9%17.1%17.4%17.6%17.9%
Electrical performance parameters
LSC temperature coefficient α (%/C)+0.05maximum. Series Fuses15A
VOC temperature coefficient β(%/°C)-0.36maximum. system voltageInternational Electrotechnical Commission1000V / 1500V
Pmax temperature coefficient v (%/°C)-0.28Nominal Operating Cell Temperature (NOCT)45℃±3℃
Reduced efficiency at 200 W/m2, 25°C<5%Operating temperature-40℃~+85℃

Nominal test conditions for IV parameters are standard test conditions (irradiance 10.0 Wm7, AM 15, cell temperature 25'°C) All measurements are guaranteed at laminate leads. NOCT measures wind speed at 800 W/m², 20C ambient temperature, and 1 m/s. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

JS Solar reserves the right of final interpretation and revision of this data sheet.

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