About us
JS Solar entered in solar energy market in 2004 with registered capital of RMB 100 million and officially set up module production base in 2007. JS Solar has insisted on expanding the market as well as developing and providing one intelligence, producing efficient and environment-friendly high quality solar products.

JS Solar is located in the Industry Park of Environmental Protection and Science & Technology Yixing, China, and its business has covered R&D, production and sales of solar products with current yield capacity of 600MW. we are offering products in Germany, Italy, France, Spain, USA and Other countries with great acceptances. In addition, we've been rewarded with "Key Foreign Trade Enterprise in Yixing", "Key Foreign Enterprise in Wuxi", "Model of China Enterprise Credit Authentication System" and "Chinese Brand-name Enterprise" and so on for our first-class service and products.

On the principle of conserving the environment and contributing to our society and world, JS Solar has made every effort to develop and utilizingeco-energy. Welcome to join us and cooperate with us to push the development of global environmental protection career and build our beautiful home, becoming leader of international solar market.

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